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    Restore Clinic is located in Hsinchu County Taiwan and it only takes10 minutes to come here from High Speed Rail Hsinchu Station. The transportation is convenient and the environment is beautiful. There are convenient and private 125 parking lots. Restore Clinic develops excellent hair transplant technology and trained professional doctors and nurses;and also sets up hair transplant alliances to promote interaction for building brand value.
    Restore Clinic introduced FDA approval ARTASR system, which ismanufactured and experienced on research and clinical by Restoration Robotics Inc.(RR) of U.S.A for 8 years. RR used a real-time 3D image analysis and positioning system with artificial intelligence algorithms, integrated computerized system to drive mechanical arm to remove hair follicles with micron-level precision. ARTASR system can make physicians remove hair follicles to reach yield more than 90% and removal efficiency 500 per hour.
    ARTASR system is used by a real-time 3D image analysis and positioning system to increase precision and decrease harming hair follicles; and also to minimize surgery time, remove amount of hair follicles and raise survival rate. The excellent hair follicles removed by automated mechanical arm are the same quality with minimally invasive of less pain, quicker recovery and no linear scar.
    Estimation before ARTAS hair transplant: consultation before surgery,hair follicles check, pictures of hair status, blood examination (function of liver, kidney, coagulation), and then surgery time reservation.

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Open time: Monday ~ Friday 09:00~17:30.
Restore Clinic: 886-3-588-9968 886-9-38201631
On evenings and holidays, please make a call for reservation.
Address: 2F, No.26, Ln. 909, Wunshan Rd., Sinpu Township, Hsinchu County
30543, Taiwan

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