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Model: TEL P12XLn cold chuck
TEL P12XLn cold chuck

We have several P12 wafer probers at our SEM Lab. We own all of them and we also provide service, training and installation.

Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of TEL P12XLn Prober. This TEL P12XLn Prober is available for immediate sale. Please enquire to get more details, photos and specifications of this product and your request will be dealt immediately. Crating, refurbishment and delivery can be quoted on request.


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Please refer to the configuration of TEL-P12XL.
 P12XLn﹢ S/N:PN00742
 Vintage 2004,Nov
 Volage 200V AC
 Hot/Cold chuck Temp. 30~150
 Gold/Nickel chuck Nickel
 Hard Driver V
 Floppy Driver V
 Dual/Single Cassette Single
 Fail mark inspection
 Needle inspection APC/SACC(Motor/Air/Cart) SACC
 Marking By Category
 Auto Needle Alignment
 Auto Needle Height
 RS232 X
 Ethernet V
 Off Siten Marking X
 Cleaning Option/WAPP V
 External Printer X
 internal Printer X
 TTL Cable X
 GP-IB Cable V
 Marker Unit X
 Connecting Tester T5335P
 Hinge Type T5335P
 Hinge S/N
 Ring Type T5335P
 OS Rcd00-R014.08N2
 Configuration Disk V
 Function Check OK
 Board list

 2.MO/MI TVB0004-1/147CON
 6.I/O-CHANNEL TVB9003-1 316
 8.PST I/F
 9.TVB3102-1 SIO