ESI 9835

We are an excellent supplier and exporter specialized in Semiconductor Fabrication Equipment. Most of our products are exported overseas, and we have made it possible to provide with much more quality, support and affordability for our customers. We welcome orders from small and large customers.

Intended for automated production of wafers, Semiconductor Fabrication Equipment delivers the industry's smallest spot size for processing future generations of IC devices. The need to increase the number of good chips per wafer drives semiconductor providers. Faster chip speeds require the introduction of new models. These developments point to the need for an innovative approach to laser repair. ESI 9835's design is the production-worthy technology that can meet the semiconductor industry's requirements.

Semiconductor Fabrication Equipment
Model: ESI 9835
ESI 9835

Believe it or not! ESI 9835’s well performance make it popular among customers all over the world. The facts are show as below.
1. High reliability, and superior accuracy
2. Unique functions are available.
3. Advanced hardware controlling technology and intelligent software.

Semiconductor Fabrication Equipment

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 Semiconductor Laser Fuser
 Laser Type: UV 355nm P-P
 Pulse Width: 16ns
 Reader Config: Backside
 Secs/ Gem: Yes
 Spot Sizes: 0.8-1.5
 Rep-Rate: 70kHz
 Load Port: 300/ 300mn
 Power: 208V
 S/W Customization: 8.6a OS S/W Version: WhiteBox Linux 3.0