ESI 9820

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ESI 9820 is used in semiconductor products, which offers significant enhancements such as the addition of new high-speed controllers. ESI9820 is designed to meet throughput and accuracy requirements. ESI's 9820 offers a new level of wafer processing efficiency with the capability to handle. The Model 9820 can be loaded using a variety of automation strategies.

ESI 9820
Model: ESI 9820
ESI 9820

ESI 9820 is well known for its good performance. Let us see how ESI 9820 works well according to below features.

1. High Stability.
2. Excellent reliability.
3. Compact design.
4. Good working condition will well adjustment.
5. Superior quality.

ESI 9820

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 ESI 9820 configuration
 Semi Conductor Laser Fuser.
 Doide pumped 1.34 um wavelength laser
 with Acousto-optic Q-switch and air cooled power supply.
 Capable of processing new generations of type pitch fuses.
 Designed for high volume,
 automated 200mm / 300mm production.
 Wide range of proccessing applications - Polly Si, A1 and Cu Capable.
 Wavelenghth; 1.3um. Standard Wafer Diameter 200mm / 300mm.
 Load Ports 200 / 300mm. Infra Red 22.5 Khz