Disco EAD6361

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Wafer Dicing Machine
Model: Disco  EAD6361
Disco  EAD6361

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Wafer Dicing Machine

We supply and export Wafer Dicing Machine which are manufactured with the best materials and are offered as per client specifications in Taiwan. Our products are provided as per the client specific requirements. Equipped with high-end facilities and a team of highly qualified engineers, Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing, Inc. thrives to deliver the best of quality at the most affordable cost.

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 Singulator with DISCO 'EAD 6361' auto dcing saw
 Integrates singulation, wash and dry, in line vision inspection, and placement
 Main Features: High Productivity. Low Noise, Low Vibration
 Quick conversion of Product Lead frames within a standard specification Dicing Saw
 High Intelligence and Diagnostic Capability
 Monitor touch-screen user interface.
 Optimized machine configuration for big-sized
 Flip-Chip PCB
 (300mm (12”) PCB sawing engine, EAD-6361 model)
 High productivity : 5,000 UPH
 Best solution for cutting Quality : 5.0 CPK
 Most effective cleaning & drying function
 Precise unit placement accuracy
 Easy-to-use graphical user interface