Advantest T5377

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Advantest T5377
Model: Advantest T5377
Advantest T5377

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Advantest T5377

Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing, Inc. is one of international leading supplier of Advantest T5377. On base of rich experience and strong technology, we are engaged in providing a variety of products to meet clients' needs. If you are looking for a reliable supplier in Taiwan, we are your best choice. Please contact us today! To reduce test costs, Advantest T5377, the test equipment, must provide high-speed and multi-paralleled device testing for DRAMs. This necessitates a new test system that can accommodate high-speed front-end device test. Advantest T5377 becomes so popular among world customer due to its well performance.

Advantest T5377 employs a new system architecture to improve failure identification, allowing it to achieve simultaneous testing of up to 256 memories. With a memory-failure recording capacity of improvement over that of its predecessor, Advantest T5377 enables customers to deal promptly with failures of high-capacity, high-speed memory devices. Due to such performance as well as our service quality, we successfully make business with customer all over the world. We sincerely welcome all relevant customers around the world to come for visit and cooperation!