Advantest T5371

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Advantest T5371
Model: Advantest T5371
Advantest T5371

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Advantest T5371

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Type: Memory Tester
Manufacturer: ADVANTEST
Serial No.: DA830313R, 310025434
Vintage: 2000, 2001
 -Supply Voltage: 200 / 208VAC
 -Phase / Wire: 3~4 Wire
 -Frequency: 50 / 60 HZ
 -Full-Load Current : 65A
 -Ampere Rating of Largest Motor: 1.7A
 -Interrupting of the over current protective device: 30KA
 -Tester Interface Type: ZIF
 -Workstation OS Version: Sun Blade 150
 -Tester OS Version: 6.06A
 -CPU Speed: 550MHz
 -Tester Sub Type: 5371_MRA4_16G
 -IO Pins: 640
 -PMU(DCTU) TH1/TH2: 32
 -PPS(DPS) TH1/TH2: 128
 -HD Capacity: 40G
 -DR (channal): 960
 -FAM Size: 16000
 -Pattern Memory: 576M
 -Flash Option: Yes
 -MRA Revision: 3.06D
 -M/B: H7-0691*01 / H7-0691*02 / H7-0691*03