Disco DFG8540

Disco DFG8540
Qty Available for Sale

Wafer size?
VCE: equipped with 6inch tooling

How many spindles/spindle type? VCE: 2 spindles, 4.2kW

Revolution speed? VCE: 1000 - 7000 rpm

Spindle maximum revolution? VCE: 7000 rpm

How many gauges? (e.g, single or dual gauge)
VCE: 2 contact gauges for thickness measurement + 1 Non Contact Gauge for Z2

Grinding wheels? (e.g, coarse vs. fine) VCE: Z1 for coarse and Z2 for fine

Is it single or dual cassette? VCE: dual cassette

What is the machine usage time / history?
VCE: not possible to answer, machines are crated

VCE: manufacturing year 2009

Does it have a vacuum pump?
VCE: yes, 1 vacuum pump for machine operation and 1 duct unit

Does it have a cooling unit?
VCE: 1 DTU Disco Temperature Unit for spindle cooling and process water

Does it have a heavy smoker? VCE: 1 duct unit What material was the grinder
used for? VCE: this information is confidential

Grinding method?
VCE: In-feed grinding with wafer Rotation

Number of chuck tables? VCE: QTY 3

Wafer handling section / wafer cleaning section cassette storage?
VCE: Robot handling available / Cleaning section available / 2 cassettes for

PC Included? Windows Version?
VCE: Machine PC included, Windows 7 Embedded Version